About listing

In order to have you sell and make a successful bid for the product with confidence
We will sell the item on your behalf on your behalf.

If you wish to sell at the auction, please apply according to the following procedure.

  • 1. Please fill in the necessary information from the auction listing request form and send.
  • 2. We will contact you as soon as we can confirm the sent data, so please ship the item.
  • 3. After adjusting the final amount of money to take, we will make and sell the stamp, image, and text.
  • 4. If you make a successful bid, we will promptly pay the price to the customer after depositing from the successful bidder.


  • The lowest winning bid will be decided after consultation with the customer.
  • It takes about one week from the time the item arrives to the time it is listed.
  • Even if the item you have sold is not sold, we will charge 10,000 yen as an image creation, stamping creation, shipping packing fee etc.
  • If the bid or sale is not successful, we will return it with the Aoi art evaluation certificate and the full-body stamp (only for swords).
  • The period of storage is 3 months from the time of listing, including regular sales. Items that have been listed cannot be canceled until the end of the auction.
  • In order to protect personal information, we will not provide information on the exhibitor and the highest bidder.
  • In principle, the auction listing period will be 7 days. After the end of the auction, we will sell it on our website and stores.