AF21056-Menuki:Mumei (Yu-Jyo)(53th Juyo Tosogu)


Menuki: (53th Juyo Tosogu)
Signature:Mumei (Yu-Jyo)

This Menuki belongs to Saijyo Saku ranking.

Length1:3.32cm x 1.57cm (1.30inches x 0.61inches)
Length2: 3.37cm x 1.58cm (1.32inches x 0.62inches)
Total weight:15 grams.

Era : Middle Muromachi.

About Yu-Jyo: His childhood name is Tsunemutsu maru and his common name is Shirobei Jyo. He serves as an aide og Asikaga Yoshimasa. He compiles traditional carving methods and establishes a dignified Goto style. . The paper of the Goto family is on the 7th, which is the anniversary of the death of Toku-jyo. Many Yujyo’s works are designated as Jyuyo Bunkazai and Jyuyo Bijyutsu, but there are no items has Mei.

From Aoi Art: Unryu design(cloud and a dragon )Mumei Yu-Jyo.
Yu-Jyo of the Goto family is praised as the originator of Japanese carvings and is praised as an ancient and modern carving masters.
Serving Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa and playing a part in Higashiyama culture, his works have been featured as Higashiyama treasures.
The rounded and rich volume holder has a taste, and the Tagane movement is very powerful. Please watch carefully the nails and scales.
We can not believe that this is handmade and was made about 500 years ago.

Jyoyo Tosogu
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