AS23331 Wakizashi: Suzuki Harukuni (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)


Ordering number: AS23331

Wakizashi: In Shirasaya with Koshirae (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token)

Signature (Mei): Suzuki Harukuni

Shinshinto: Chusaku: Settsu
In our company, we classify swords into categories such as “Saijosaku” (Top Quality), “Jojo saku” (Excellent), “Jo saku” (Good), and “Futsu saku” (Ordinary) based on the craftsmanship of the swordsmith. This work is ranked as “Jo saku” among the creations of Suzuki Harukuni.
Habaki: Single-layer copper base habaki
Blade Length: 31.8 centimeters (12.52 inches)
Curvature: 2.5 centimeters (0.98 inches)
Peg Hole: 1
Width at the Base (Motohaba): 2.98 centimeters (1.17 inches)
Thickness (Kasane): 0.66 centimeters (0.26 inches)
Sword Weight: 290 grams
Period: Late Edo period, Kaei era, 1848
Shape (Tsuba): This wakizashi has a broad width and features a hira-dachi (wide, flat) shape with a slight curvature, giving it a substantial feel.

Grain Pattern (Jigane): The itame hada (wood-grain pattern) is well-forged and exhibits a finely refined surface.

Temper Pattern (Hamon): The hamon displays a lively and intense gunome-midare (undulating irregular waves) with abundant ashi (feet) and tobiyaki (flying sparks), resembling a picturesque scene.

Features: Suzuki Harukuni, also known as Suzuki Hachiro, was a renowned swordsmith from Settsu Province. The hamon on this sword is of particular interest.

Mountings (Koshirae):
Fuchikashira: Red copper ground with botanical carvings.
Saya: Scattered green shell lacquer scabbard.
Menuki: Teapot and other items in relief with colored enamel.
Kurigata: High-relief bamboo leaves on an iron ground with gold-colored accents.
Kogai: Flowers in high relief on a red copper ground with colored enamel.

From Aoi Art: This wakizashi by Suzuki Harukuni features a solid hira-dachi shape, and the hamon appears to have been meticulously crafted to resemble dynamic waves and splashes. The koshirae is believed to be from the same period, and the arrangement of green shell lacquer is of high quality. We highly recommend this piece.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token Certificate
Aoi Art Estimation paper: whole oshigata by Tsuruta Ayaka
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